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A Classic Study of Marriage and Motherhood

by Helenistic | | August 3, 2015

Helen McCrory and Paul Ready star as Mrs Armitage and Jake Armitage  in Penelope Mortimer’s stark portrait of marriage and motherhood from 1962.

Dramatised in five parts (15 minutes each)  by Georgia Fitch.

Episode 1/5: Mrs Armitage is encouraged by her successful screenwriter husband, Jake, to talk to a psychiatrist about her apparent compulsion to keep having children.

Episode 2/5: When Jake returns from a shoot in Africa, Mrs Armitage throws a party for his film friends. Stars Helen McCrory and Paul Ready.

Episode 3/5: Mrs Armitage makes a confession.

Episode 4/5: Mrs Armitage has consented to an abortion and a sterilisation.

Episode 5/5: Having found out about Jake’s affair, Mrs Armitage takes refuge with her former husband.

Mrs Armitage…..Helen McCrory
Jake Armitage…..Paul Ready
Doctor…..Chris Pavlo
Father…..Stephen Critchlow
Mother……Sheila Reid
Philpot/Dinah…..Rhiannon Neads
Bob Conway…..Mark Edel-Hunt
Beth Conway…..Alex Tregear
Giles…..Sam Dale
Journalist…..Neet Mohan

Director: Emma Harding

First broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in August 2015


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