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A Poetic Tribute for Helen McCrory

Allie Esiri Dedicates “A Poet for Every Day of the Year” to Helen

by Richard Eden | Daily Mail | September 14, 2021 & by Robbie William | Londoner’s Diary | September 15, 2021

Helen McCrory, who died in April aged 52 after a secret cancer battle, was honoured last night, September 13, 2021, at a party in London’s Holland Park.

The event marked the publication of a book by her close friend Allie Esiri, who has dedicated anthology A Poet For Every Day Of The Year to her.

‘Helen loved poetry and was brilliant at reading it,’ Esiri tells me. ‘I asked Damian [Lewis, McCrory’s actor husband] for his blessing for the event and he gave it.’

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Helen McCrory’s 10 Favorite Books


by Staff | Vulture | February 28, 2020

Bookseller One Grand Books has asked celebrities to name the ten titles they’d take to a desert island, and it’s shared the results with Vulture. Today, actor Helen McCrory shares her list. “Both of my parents are bookworms, and even though my dad was a diplomat, and we moved from place to place, the two things we took everywhere with us were paintings and books,” she says. “I’m appalled to say I do not like a Kindle or an audiobook; I like a book.”

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