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Debbi Clark, CEO and Founder of Sir HvH Arts, Pens a Tribute to Helen McCrory

Introducing the McCrory Award

by Debbi Clark  |  Sir HvH Arts Foundation | April 21, 2021

Source: HvH Arts Foundation

The shining light of my friend and hero Helen McCrory will live on forever in the work we do. We will be strong and try with all our might to smile today, but we will smile as that is what Helen McCrory did, she smiled, she gave, she enjoyed life to the full.

Helen McCrory a force of nature, passionate, dedicated to the arts and culture.  Not only was she one of the world’s most brilliant actors, mesmerising on screen – off screen she was fearless, she was funny, she was selfless, she was a philanthropist and gave so much to so many.

Source: HvH Arts Foundation

Helen dedicated so much time off screen to her work with me at HVH ARTS –  She was our Patron since we started our charity in 2013,  which provides a gateway to the arts supporting disadvantaged children and young people by providing them with the inspiration and tools to develop life-long artistic passions, giving them access to free workshops in the arts.

Source: HvH Arts Foundation

The ‘McCrory Award’ will be dedicated to supporting disadvantaged children and young people who are gifted in their art, yet many do not have access to the resources, the training, the income to support them fulfil their dream. The ‘McCrory Award’ will make their dreams become a reality.

Helen always believed that every child should have equal opportunities in the arts, she was a huge believer in that the arts should be accessible to every child.

Helen was the most inspiring women I have had the honour to call my friend, my patron, my beautiful one.

Debbi Clark
CEO and Founder
HVH Arts

Source: Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation

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