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Tribute to Helen

We welcome your tribute to the beloved Helen McCrory. If you wish to leave your condolences, please click on the ‘comments’ of this post. Then scroll to the bottom of the comment section to ‘Leave a Reply.’

If you wish to make a donation, the McCrory-Lewis family has asked that donations be made to the Sir Hubert von Herkomer Arts Foundation here.

150 Comments on “Tribute to Helen”

  1. It came as a shock that such a force of nature such as Helen McCrory could be taken from her family way before her time. Selfishly, I had hoped to grow old watching this powerful actress emerge as the greatest actress of the 21st century. My heart aches for Damian and their dear children. She will always be with them in their hearts, but one never forgets the loss, you just adjust to the absence but never the longing for the physical presence, the laugh, and the hugs.

  2. I was thunderstruck when I found out. She had become my favorite actress on peaky blinders. What do you say when someone hurts so bad when there’s such a whole torn into a family that is unfillable and unreplaceable? How feeble my words are to mend such a broken heart.

  3. My sincerest condolences to Damian Lewis and family, friends and loved ones. May you find peace and comfort. RIP Helen. Thank You for blessing us with your amazing talent. You will be missed.

  4. Helen McCrory struck me as a powerful, charismatic, strong, outrageously talented, funny and kind woman. I’ve enjoyed many of her performances over the years and had just about gotten to the point where if I saw her name against something, I’d watch it. Peaky Blinders has been on my to watch list on Netflix since the start of this year and the only reason I hadn’t started was because of personal losses in my own life which meant I was after lighter fare – now it’s far too painful to start. It feels so unfair Helen has died so young when she had so many more astonishing performances to give. Yesterday, I tried to find a new drama to watch and between four different streaming services, a whole bunch of McCrory’s recent work I hadn’t seen before was being showcased – she’d just been getting started on taking the world by storm. I truly believe she was a British acting great. I won’t forget her magnificent and powerful female roles in Skyfall, Penny Dreadful, Doctor Who or Harry Potter any time soon and there are no words to express how sorry I am for the terrible loss Damian, Helen’s children, and the rest of Helen’s family and friends must feel. RIP Helen. You will be missed by many.

    1. Please except my deepest condolences to Damian Lewis and family. Ms McCrory was a force of nature in her presence on screen and a beauty to behold.
      Yours truly
      Albuquerque, USA

  5. Sending lots of love, thoughts & prayers to Helen’s family. She was a spark of joy in this world & her loss will be felt by many. Hope you find peace in your incredible memories of her & the fact that her energy lives on in all the lives she touched. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Sending heartfelt sympathies to Damian Lewis and all of Helen’s family. What an incredibly talented actress and wonderful human being Helen was. She had great strength, beauty, vitality and compassion. Her loss will be keenly felt for many years to come.

  7. I cannot begin to explain how saddened I was when I heard of Helens passing, she was such a huge role model to me, and was in general such a talented woman. She was taken from us too soon. Even though she’s not here, one place she will never leave is our hearts. My thoughts are with her family and friends.

  8. I don’t know to find the right words how shattered I am hearing of her passing. I had the chance to meet her a few years ago and she was such a beautiful and warm-hearted woman. I never met someone like her before. It is a huge loss for this world. She inspires me every single day to be a better and kinder human being.

    All my thoughts go to Helens family and friends. I wish you all the strenght and a lot of love to go on.

    She will be always in our hearts! 🤍🕊

  9. Our condolences to dear Damian and the family.
    Damian, You are our favorite actor.
    And Dame Helen will always be our favorite actress .
    This is an unspeakable loss.
    Yours sincerely
    Denis and Anita Pericic

  10. Como descrever uma dor dessa, nem sei dizer estou muito triste, sinto meu coração quebrado.. meus pensamentos vão para seu esposo ,filhos e amigos.. a Helen é um fenômeno, uma verdadeira artista, tão talentosa que eu assisto algo dela ansiando para que ela apareça logo, emana profundidade em seu ofício não é atoa que todos ao seu redor a admiravam tanto .. que grande pessoa, que mulher forte.. que saudade eu já estou, amo cada trabalho dela, como desejei poder ver ela de perto .mais ela está na minha mente ,no meu coração e na tela de bloqueio do meu celular , sim a Maldita polly gray de peake blinders,como eu te Amo helen.. que injustiça ela ser levada assim tão cedo.. que Descanse plenamente na eternidade ao lado de jesus, poque nossa vida só está começando…te amamos para sempre grande Alma..

  11. I am old enough to know that life is unfair but still it took me a week to wrap my head around Helen’s passing.

    I have always known that Helen was a brilliant actress but now I also know that she was such a class act in life and death. The way she chose to live, bravely, focusing on her family, work and charity rather than on her illness and death, is a lesson for everyone about how to live and how to die. I am holding Damian, Manon and Gully, and Helen’s parents in my thoughts. I am hoping with all my heart that they will find comfort in the beautiful memories they created together.

    I was lucky to meet Helen once. She was calling a cab at the Theatre Royal Haymarket stage door and we were trying to drop off our gift for Damian. In a couple of minutes, Helen told us why she wanted to take a cab but not an Uber, taught us how to take a selfie from above so that we could all look like seven year olds, and helped us to pronounce Manon’s name right. Her eyes were lit up when she talked about her children. And we were in the receiving end of her ‘Thank you. You’re so kind” when we told her about the poster we had made for you.I was already a fan of Helen’s but the five minutes with her was enough to get to know the down-to-earth woman that she was.

    Helen was such a bright star that I know she will keep on living and enriching the world through her brilliant work and the two wonderful children she and Damian have raised.

    This is not a place to talk about one’s self but I will. My dad died when I was eight years old so I know it is very hard to lose a parent when you are young. But my dad was such a strong figure in my childhood that I have always felt his presence in my life. So I know Manon and Gully will always have Helen in their lives. She will guide them. She will help them. She will protect them. Exactly like my dad has.

    Rest in Peace, Helen. We love you.

  12. Ì would like to send my deepest sympathies to the family. I am from Australia and her passing has touched us . My condolences to all the family during this difficult time. She was a loving wife and mother and will be deeply missed.

  13. It was a shock to hear that the beautiful Helen passed away last week.
    Every day since her passing she has been on my mind and I really feel the huge loss for Damian and their children. We only know her as an amazing actress, but I can imagine that she was a blessing to all who ever had the chance to meet her in person.

    She was the perfect woman, wife and mother, a beautiful human being with a golden heart.

    I never had the chance to see her on stage, I live in Flanders (Belgium), but it was amazing to see her on screen, like how Helen portraited Narcissa Malfoy, perfect! The most beautiful scene was the unbreakable vow.

    My deepest condolences to Damian, Manon and Gulliver, sending you all my love and prayers for this difficult period. I hope you will find comfort in the beautiful memories you build over the years. I hope music brings you comfort and will heal your broken heart.

    I have been listening a lot over the past week to Ubi Caritas by Ola Gjeilo, performed by Voices 8, it is a balm for the soul in this heart-breaking time.

    she will always be in our hearts

  14. Just to say I have not long started watching Peaky Blinders Helen is brill and had a way of making u feel you knew her what am amazing Actress feel like you know them personally deepest love and Sympathy to her family & friends .I was reading some of the other comments and feel theres so much love and admiration for her still cant believe it take care 💗

  15. I lost my mum a few weeks ago and am struggling to cope and miss her terribly. I cared for her through her cancer, it was so hard to watch someone you love die. It was strange how reading Damians post about his wife brought me much solace and looking at this pic I can see what he meant There is something in her face that is so alight, genuine and true, a real person with no agenda but to love her family with all her heart. The happiness and love you can see in this photo is warming however it is also heartbreaking to think how much she will be missed by Damian and her children and I would say all who knew her. Sleep well Helen.

  16. I was completely heartbroken when I heard the news, to say the least. Helen McCrory was hands down my favorite actress and overall person. She had and will continue to make me so happy. Words can’t express how much she’ll be missed. My heart goes out to her family in this tough time. Helen Mccrory is an amazing person and I miss her dearly. Rest In Peace now.

  17. Dear Damian,
    We were both horribly shocked and saddened by the news of Helen’s death.
    I keep thinking of her, of you and of the children, and it’s taken until now to be able to express even a hint of how sorry we are.
    We got to know you a bit when you moved into the flat above us while your house was being done up over several months.
    The first thing that happened was your flooding the bath and the kitchen sink onto our ceilings, but after that, we just enjoyed having you all here – but especially Helen.
    I’d followed her career in the theatre since the beginning, had kept the program for the NT’s Seagull for years (I never keep programs), because to me it was a landmark production: the first time I’d seen any tragedy, or that play, performed not as though tragedy were in the offing, but, at the beginning, with innocent joy.
    This was particularly true of Helen’s performance, and made her final scenes the more bitter, harrowing and heart-breaking.
    After the show, I went backstage to see Edward Petherbridge, a friend whom I tied always to visit and congratulate after performances I’d seen.
    I keep wishing I’d known Helen well enough to feel able to go backstage after The Deep Blue Sea, a performance I thought her greatest, and definitive. I have no desire to see that play ever again now – she cannot be bettered as far as I’m concerned, and I do not want my memory of her overlaid by another interpretation.

    But when you lived above us, we realised that she was much, much more than a great actress.
    She was a wonderful mother, an adored and loving wife, a totally individual, vividly warm and fascinating personalty.
    Your family seemed so happy and right with her at its centre.
    While for us catching glimpses from our windows, or coming across Helen in the street, there was always the excitement of seeing her and noting what she was wearing – that strong but dainty figure always looking elegant and stylish, whether in a big hat, her soft little sheepskin jacket, whatever it was.
    And there was the fun of her – whether she was sitting on the front steps calling to anyone passing in the street to ask if someone knew anybody with the accent she needed to study for her next job, or her surprising nerves when I rang the bell once to complain that Gully was thundering overhead and breaking the light bulbs.
    She was so distressed at displeasing that she shook – and I slunk away feeling lousy at upsetting her.
    This because she was so utterly unaffected and genuine, there was no veiling in Helen, and she wanted to spread joy and for others to be happy – making the charm of her overwhelming.

    The greatness of your family’s loss is unimaginable, and nothing can make it less.
    But you were so, so very lucky to have her…
    With our thoughts
    Tony and Jane

    1. What a a very heartwarming remembrance of Helen McCrory, from a real-life interaction point of view. It’s humbling, isn’t it, to have that proximity to someone so real, so unaffected by their fame. Thank you so much for sharing your story of her.

  18. Saddened and totally shocked to hear the news that Helen has died. The fact that she chose to deal with her cancer privately is a testament to her strength and character, what an incredibly hard thing to do. What an amazing woman. My heart goes out to Damien and the kids, they are all far too young to have to deal with the loss of a wife and mother. I know nothing can help right now but I hope in time these messages will give some comfort. Take care of each other and know that your wife/mam will live on forever through her amazing work and gorgeous soul.

  19. Strong, amazing, wonderful lady. Such admiration for Helen for her theatre work as well as on screen, where her character Polly caught my attention. I loved the way she played her.
    Forever in our hearts 💕

  20. It took me so long to get around to write something for Helen MCcrory.And its not that I didn’t have time but I was heavy with sadness and found myself burst into tears whenever I think about the tribute paid by her husband Damian Lewis.Its ironic because I can’t even define myself as a fan probably because I was not big fan of Harry Potter at the time as a teenager.All I remembered about her are her roles in Queen as Cherie Blair (and its really vivid in my memory) and in A little Chaos.I went through all her interviews,pictures etc.. as possible as i could find .I was fascinated by her positvity,her stance on life,family,womanhood and love.People praise her talent and tell how her role on Peaky Blinders unforgettable .But what made me interested is her selfless personality and how she got through her final days with grace and consideration for the people around her and her family.I read comments from the people who knew her more or less through the works and daily life .Its very obvious to see how she made an impression on others even in a small amount of time.She was the kind of a person ı wish to have met in her life time.This last week was full of Helen Mcccrory for me.I’ve watched her performance as Medea which made me sad because ı would never see her on stage .She was was never a reality for me even before her demise because I don’t live in England and im not even british .Her untimely death reminds me of how i love watching theatre actually.

    She’s taken too soon from her loved ones. It shook me to the core how a happy and peaceful family are shattered this way.I was entralled by Helen and Damian’s love story which made me extra sad.But how lucky they are indeed that they found each other even for a rather small amount of time and built a loving family.Life seems unfair at the times like this but it seems Helen saw the wisdom that most of us cannot see even near to the end saying she had a full life and lived the way she wanted.Its unbearable that her loved ones will never see her radiant smile and feel her warmth that even i can feel by looking her pictures and clips.Death is a bitter reality for everyone especially if someone so funny ,positive,talented and humane is gone too early.My thoughts are sincerely with her husband, family and especially her children who are lucky to have a gentle soul as a mother who is very proud of them not because they are the brightest children at school but they are very kind and generous.
    And Thanks Helen for all the wisdom you left behind.I dont know how but I will keep it as a guide as possible as I could .

  21. What kind of woman so thoroughly prepares her children and husband for their futures without her? One who loved, lived and died as fiercely and as courageously as Helen McCrory. I am in awe of her bravery and I’m so sorry for the loss her loved ones are experiencing.

  22. I don’t think words will ever do a loss this sad any justice. This is simply heartbreaking. Thank you Helen, for everything you gave. For your kindness, compassion, warmth and wisdom. Thank you for inspiring so many, and I know that you will continue to inspire them for years to come, through your words and all that you left behind.
    My thoughts are with her family at this heartbreaking time.
    Rest easy, Helen.

  23. Helen McCrory …. What about this woman that I am a fan of and will always be, this inspiration in person for all of us, this woman who taught us until the last second how to best enjoy life, who showed us how to live intensely. Helen was responsible for every smile of mine, she was responsible for showing me light and happiness in the dark and sad moments of my life. Helen saved me, saved my life, saved my heart, she was the person who motivated me every day and will always be my reason for continuing my life. Helen was part of me, she was a part of me and she always will be, when I discovered her going, a part of me had also been taken away and since then every day has been more difficult for me, just as it must be being difficult for everyone. But every day I get up and I think she didn’t want me to give up and I didn’t want to see anyone give up, so I’m still here for her. She will always be in my heart …. in our hearts. And I will always be an eternal fan of her. Helen McCrory, we will love you forever.

  24. A Superstar in every department of her life. She will be forever missed, forever loved ❤

  25. Mr. Lewis & family.
    Please accept my sincere condolences on Helen’s passing.

    However weird this sounds, I’ve been asked to pass on a message.
    Helen says “Tell him I’m absolutely fine, and I’ll be waiting for him on the other side”

    I apologize if this seems inappropriate or disrespectful, this is not my intent. I’m an Akashic Records Consultant, and she won’t leave me alone until I send a message.
    She says “I told him I would find a way to contact him if I could and let him know I’m ok. So don’t worry he won’t be freaked out.”

    Eh, I kinda think he will – but whatever. I’ve left the message, so I hope she’s satisfied and will stop pestering me. (She’s sort of bossy)


  26. I don’t know what I have come to say but I feel compelled to say… something. So many stories here, consistently painting a picture of a woman who speaks to my heart. By all accounts a bloody decent human being. Another death in a year of so many. One not personal to us in the traditional sense, yet personal all the same.
    We feel her loss.
    It hurts.
    There’s little I feel I can add but I wanted to say that she touched my heart. A friend once said that I have always reminded him of Helen. Nonsense of course but I take the compliment not just with a laugh, but with gratitude.
    Whatever she had, she carried it with ease and with fire and with energy.
    That we had to lose her so young makes me want to scream.
    Yet another injustice on top of so many.
    That you had to lose her so early makes me sob and my voice catches in my throat.
    So much to say yet nothing to say.
    Platitudes come easy but the thousands of words on these pages ring true.
    I’m grateful that she ever existed and for all that she brought with her.
    Thank you, beautiful Helen, thank you.
    Go well, sweetheart. We will hold your family in our hearts and they will feel our love.

    ‘And we lie among our atoms and I speak to you of things
    And hope sometimes that maybe you will understand
    There is no order here and there is no middle ground
    Nothing can be predicted and nothing can be planned
    A star is just a memory of a star
    We are fireflies pulsing dimly in the dark
    We are here and you are where you are
    We are here and you are where you are’
    (Fireflies by Nick Cave)

    Sending love and light.
    Pili Garcia ❤️

  27. I am in awe of the courage of both Helen and Damian and have been genuinely humbled by their love and strength. I always loved Helen as an actress and am saddened to be robbed of her incredible charisma and talent. She always looked so much fun to be with and this, in addition to learning of her extraordinary capacity for empathy and knowing she devoted time to help others despite her being in pain and very ill, makes me mourn a friend I really wish I’d had.

    Much love to Damian, their children and all who love her. xox

  28. It’s been two weeks but I still can’t believe it. It’s devastating to know Helen is not here anymore.
    I still remember I felt like how I discovered a treasure when I first saw her on Penny Dreadful. I had the need to see every other performance because I was completely blown away by her and her ability to play such a character. She was so captivating and mesmerising. Only afterwards I realised I had seen her and loved her in other roles, I just hadn’t recognised her as she was like a chameleon, forever changing in every role. She could have played an object and still she would have been absolutely marvelous. The light of every scene, no matter if she was the leading lady or not. I am into acting and I consider her “my favourite actress of today”: a brillant actress with the finest talent. I would have loved to meet her just to tell her she was such a guiding light, truly an inspiration. I have lived in London for a while and I really hoped to meet her randomly in the city, on the tube or somewhere else so that I could thank her for her work. What a big loss for the acting industry.
    A much bigger loss for her family and her friends. I think of them as they have lost a loved one who was so young. I never met her but in interviews she came across as a wonderful human being, definitely a funny friend, a strong and powerful woman who chose to be happy and live a full life. A lovely lady, down-to-heart and genuinely caring about other people, even when ill with a horrible disease. How hard must have been to go through it all, moreover during a pandemic, keeping it private; it makes me appreciate her even more that she wanted the focus to stay on her work, in acting and in charity, during these hard times. A private and reserved person who, together with her loving husband, wanted to protect her family and her children.

    What happened is extremely sad and heartbreaking, still hard to believe. I hope her family may find some comfort knowing how loved she was even in other parts of the world. She won’t be forgotten. We will miss her dearly.

    Rest in Peace, beautiful Helen. And thank you.

  29. Utterly shocked and saddened by the news about Helen. I adored her as an actress and from what I have read in the tributes to her here, she was an amazing woman. Love and thoughts to her husband, children, family and friends.

  30. Love lives on forever
    in each memory and thought
    Of the special ones
    who meant so much
    and the happiness they brought.
    Love lives on forever
    It will never fade away
    For, in our hearts, our loved ones
    are with us every day.

  31. I had the honour of knowing and working with Helen over a 20 year period. We did 4 theatre shows together over that period (i was stage management) and whenever i saw her name on the contact sheet at the beginning of a job i knew its was going to be a great job ,not only great fun but a fantastic production.We had so much fun at the Almeida on Platonov and later 5 Gold Rings (with Damien) and also at The Donmar and a fantastic awarding winning transfer to New York with Twelfth Night and Uncle Vanya. ( her 1st entrance in Uncle Vanya was mesmerising.)
    I will miss not reading her name on any more contact sheets.

    She will be hugely missed.

    My deepest condolences to Damien and family.

  32. Dear Damian and family

    I want to offer my deepest condolences for the loss of your wife Helen,
    She was a wonderful actrice and a wonderful mother. She will be mist.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

    Chantal Boccave (Belgium)

  33. I never thought that your death would be as traumatizing to me as it was. In my eyes you were immortal and in a way you are. The legacy you left behind, not just tour work but your presence and your values. What a charismatic, gorgeous, kind, gracious, elegant and talented woman we have lost, and far too soon. You will always be in my mind Helen and we will miss you so much. Rest In Peace lovely Helen.

  34. I had the pleasure of meeting Helen twice at two premiers of Peaky Blinders. She was as stunning and radiant off screen as she was on screen. Helen made time for her fan’s and we love her and thank her for that. To her family and friends, her husband and children my heart is broken 💔for you.
    Why would god not want his beautiful angel sat by his side?
    RIP Helen you have given so much x

    1. I was only newly acquainted with with Helen McRory, but quickly immersed myself in all that was available of her various movies and and television shows. I feel like her personal strength shone through each character as well as her fearlessness. And yet, there was a soft, vulnerability that was beautiful. She was taken too soon; she was simply to good for this world and she will be missed as deeply and as fiercely as she approached each character portrayal.
      Rest in Power

  35. Dear Helen

    A few days have passed since your departure, I still feel a lot of pain and sadness, but it is perhaps minimal to what your husband and your little ones must be feeling, I really cannot imagine it.
    I read a fragment of the letter that Damian wrote to you and I felt a lot of consolation when I read that in your last days you had shone much more as the great star that you were and will continue to be.
    You lived those days as a brave warrior, you encouraged your
    family despite your suffering and you continued to help people in need.
    I have admired you since I met you through the screen, you are a beauty in all the splendor of the word, beautiful, talented, strong, bright, intelligent, elegant, vibrant, both as an actress mother and wife. A wonderful woman that I will always love and admire. I will continue to look at your work as a tribute to you in the least I can do.

    Sleep easy my beautiful queen, Helen.

  36. Helen you will be so much missed.
    Thank you for all that you performed for us
    I’m saddened that we have also lost all that you would have performed.

  37. I never met Helen. To be honest I had not seen her on stage I had just watched her being interviewed and knew her reputation as one of the greats. It seems shallow to say that I am affected by her passing but I am. To watch someone perform as I am doing at the moment in ‘Fearless’ and see her energy, her mesmerising talent – it takes your breath away. What a loss. What a thing it must have been to have known her. She was clearly one of those people you just want to be around. What a joy to have known her. How lucky to have spent time in her company. A rare talent. A self-effacing, life loving, just wonderful human being. i wish I had met her and I feel for her gorgeous family. Thank you for sharing her with us. I am going to watch everything she did that I can access. Sad times but what a legacy. Thank you Helen.

  38. I loved working with Helen, she was not only effortlessly chic and fun, she made everything so interesting and I really enjoyed her company It was always so exciting styling her for various events. Thank you Helen for being a wonderful inspiring woman, loyal, kind, strong and a friend. I do miss her but I cherish the time we spent together and will always think of her and her beautiful family. May she continue to blossom up above.

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