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Peaky Blinders Season Six will “be best yet” and Pay Tribute to Helen McCrory Show Creator Says

Show Creator Steven Knight Teases Season 6

by Husna Anjum | August 26, 2021 | Birmingham Live

Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight promises season six will be the “best one yet” and include tribute to the late Helen McCrory, who played matriarch Polly Gray.

Fans were devastated by the death of the renowned actress, who played matriarch Polly Gray, when she died from cancer at age 52 in April.

Show creator Steven Knight could not reveal if Polly Gray scenes were filmed for season six.

But when asked if viewers would see a tribute to Helen Mcrory, the screenwriter said: “In the show, you certainly will. There are plans for other things which may precede broadcasting.”

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Helen McCrory Talks Peaky Blinders Season Four

Escaping The Gallows

December 11, 2017 | Tripwire

♦ Peaky Blinders season 4 began on 15 November and it has been a pretty eventful series so far. Here’s a chat with one of its cast members Helen McCrory, who plays Polly Gray, from the BBC themselves…

With Tommy’s actions landing members of the family in prison at the end of series three, where do we find Polly at the beginning of series four?

We open the series on Polly, Arthur, John and her son Michael being led to the gallows. In this moment, which is a real turning point for Polly, we see her believing that she’s going to die. She calls on the Virgin Mary to bring the spirits of her mum, her dad and her daughter to her. In that moment, she believes she sees her daughter’s face and from this moment on Polly believes that she’s living with the spirits constantly around her. Either she’s had some sort of mental breakdown and is unable to cope with reality or she really does see the spirit of her daughter and therefore has this newfound understanding of life. Once you take away the fear of death in someone, they have a sort of immortality. Her near death experience mirrors Tommy and Arthur’s time in the trenches. So these three characters are united in this fearless attitude towards life at the beginning of this series, which is what makes them so dangerous.

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