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Helen McCrory: Women who obsess about their looks have too much time on their hands

“Women who obsess about their age and weight have too much time on their hands”

Actress Helen McCrory
Actress Helen McCrory CREDIT: Photo: Clara Molden

Women who obsess over their age and appearance have too much time on their hands, the actress Helen McCrory has said.

McCrory, the wife of Homeland star Damian Lewis, said so many women are now preoccupied with their weight and changing looks.

Saying her own upbringing had taught her “thing like that just don’t f—– matter”, she insisted her own self-worth would never be determined by her looks.

McCrory, who has appeared in The Queen, Skyfall and the Harry Potter franchise, has now paid tribute to her parents for instilling in her a refreshing approach to ageing.

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Relative Values: ‘I could do worse than have Damian Lewis as a son in law’

The actress Helen McCrory, and her father, Iain, a retired diplomat

by Danny Scott | April 13, 2014 | The Sunday Times
Helen, 45

Because of Dad’s job in the diplomatic service, home was wherever he happened to be posted — Norway, Tanzania, London, Paris. I’m sure some kids would have found that unsettling, but I thought it was wonderfully exciting. And it taught me a valuable lesson… different cultures do things in different ways, and there is no such thing as normal.

My earliest memories are of Africa and the countless hours spent hanging out with my parents. Dad only worked until 1pm, so he’d then come home to do Dad stuff, like fix my bicycle or tell me stories. If there was anything that needed doing, people would come to see him. Nothing terrified him and nothing bad could happen to me when I was with him.

I’d hate to think I’ve ended up marrying a version of my father — that would just be a bit too Greek! — but there are definite similarities between Damian [her husband, the actor Damian Lewis] and Dad. Damian is an alpha male; he looks after me. And like Dad, he’s got a great sense of humour. Dad still takes the piss out of me.

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Actress Helen McCrory: ‘I’m at my most powerful now’

Taking More Risks at 45

By Daphne Lockyer | April 5, 2014 | Daily Mail

Abandoning her no-nudity clause, starring in romantic dramas opposite men 20 years her junior… Actress Helen McCrory tells Daphne Lockyer why, at 45, she is taking more risks with her career than ever before

Helen wears diamond earrings, Adler,

Helen McCrory has asked for our interview to take place at an unpretentious gastropub just around the corner from her home in Tufnell Park, North London. She arrives without fuss or fanfare, on foot, dressed simply in a parka for warmth over a black skirt, opaque tights and a well-cut black blouse that she picked up in a little shop in Paris. ‘Fashion mecca for 5ft 2in midgets like myself,’ she laughs.

She is, indeed, tiny, yet the straight-backed posture, deep gravelly voice and ultra-posh vowels of the diplomat’s daughter that she is make her seem, somehow, statuesque. Jewellery-wise, too, she wears nothing more than a plain titanium engagement ring and a wedding band that she agreed to have made from more expensive platinum, after some badgering from her husband Damian Lewis, the actor and star of the hit TV series Homeland.

‘Not that you can really tell the difference,’ she says, rotating the rings for my inspection. ‘When my dad saw them he said, “What is Damian, a bl**** plumber?”’ she hoots. Continue reading Actress Helen McCrory: ‘I’m at my most powerful now’

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‘Inside No. 9’ Episode 6: ‘The Harrowing’ Review

Be careful what you wish for

by Andrew Allen | March 12, 2014 | Cult Box UK

Ever since the first episode of Inside No. 9, the latest comedy series from one half of The League Of Gentlemen, there has been an unholy chorus of voices demanding a return to the darker, more gothic tones that were scattered across Royston Vasey. You know, the early, scary ones.

Well, last night, they got exactly what they asked for. And in spades. The sixth episode is called ‘The Harrowing’, and it’s fair to say that it’s a very apt title.

Aimee Ffion-Edwards (Skins) is excellent as schoolgirl Katy, a Nice Girl To Whom Bad Things Should Not Happen, and there’s great support from Poppy Rush as her best friend Shell, who idolises her out of all proportion, almost to the point of worshipping at her altar. Katy is to be paid £88 – a culturally significant number – for a special babysitting job in a crooked house where nothing ever happens, not even a phone signal.

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