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October 3, 2016 | Posted by Debby | No Comments


It looks like “Peaky Blinders” Season 4 would have major changes on its return as most of the Shelby family ended in jail. In an interview with Helen McCrory, who plays the role of Aunt Polly, the 48-year-old star gave little teasers of what fans could expect on the show.

Aunt Polly To Take Charge Of The Peaky Blinders?

“She’d been running the business while they’d been away,” Helen McCrory said at the BBC One’s “The Andrew Marr Show,” via The Week UK. The English actress revealed that her character as Aunt Polly now has an eye to taking the power in “Peaky Blinders” Season 4 while the Shelby brothers are helpless. “As far as she’s concerned, they’re doing it really badly, they’re making mistakes, they’re going into other people’s turfs,” she added.

However, Aunt Polly has nothing but good intentions to make their family business move on the right track and make it bigger than before. She is dreaming of giving balance to the company and to the family to make the Peaky Blinders go further and known in the industry in “Peaky Blinders” Season 4. In the coming new installment, she explained that fans will soon witness why she has to be in charged.

Is Grace Alive? Returning In ‘Peaky Blinders’ Season 4?

Meanwhile, there are swirling rumors that Grace Burgess (Annabelle Wallis) will be back in “Peaky Blinders” Season 4. It has been known that the 32-year-old star already met her demise as someone assassinated her at a party she arranged. This, too, happened just a short while after she got married to Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy).

According to Radio Times, a lot of fans doubt the death of Grace in the previous season and so, some think that she will be seen in “Peaky Blinders” Season 4. In an interview with Annabelle Wallis, the actress said that there are too many theories given about her death. As there’s no funeral occurred and Tommy has been known protecting his wife tremendously, she, too, is giving them hope that she might return. BBC has yet to announce the coming of “Peaky Blinders” Season 4, but it is expected to be out in 2017.


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