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Leaving is a british TV series consisting of 3 episode that feature the forbidden love between a middle-aged family woman and a callow youth working in the same hotel.


Helen as: Julie
Release Date: September 10, 2012 (UK)
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Gaby Dellal
Written by: Tony Marchant
Cast: Callum Turner, Sean Gallagher, Celyn Jones etc.
Links: IMDb

Plot Summary

Episode 01

21 year old Aaron still lives with his parents and has failed to find work since leaving university and now his girlfriend Phoebe is marrying his brother Tom,which increases his depression. Julie is 44 and married with two children but her marriage to Michael has gone stale. She works in a four star country hotel specialising in wedding receptions – giving her the romance lacking in her own life. Here she meets Aaron,drunk and miserable at Tom’s wedding and gives him a pep talk,encouraging him to get a job at the hotel,which he does. He is grateful to her and that gratitude soon turns to a moment of passion.

Episode 02

Julie and Aaron continue their affair in the hotel’s bedrooms,avoiding being caught by other staff,though Julie is aware that Aaron is also attractive to girls his own age. His parents suspect that he has a girlfriend,though he keeps silent about it. He also applies for a place on a management trainee course although this will lead to him moving to London. At the same time Julie’s husband,security guard Michael,is suspended from work following over-familiarity with a female colleague,though he is exonerated and reinstated,telling Julie he loves her. Nonetheless he is suspicious of his wife’s behaviour,resulting in a fight at the hotel between Aaron and himself.

Episode 03

After the fight Aaron is sacked and Julie resigns but they get other jobs and move in with Julie’s friend Angela. Loved-up Aaron wants them to run away together but Julie is aware of her responsibility to her children and the relationship seems doomed to failure.